Plaid Tartan Taupe

CMO_APL_04 _02


Plaid Tartan Taupe


CMO_APL_04 _02

Usable width

2 dimensions : 220 x 140 cm / 165 x 135 cm


100% Cashmere

Special remarks

Colors can vary from each production. 2 available finishes : Fringes or stitched


Gentle handwash on cold water and steam iron


Hand-woven on a traditional loom
Cashmere from the highlands of Mongolia
Haute couture

About the fibre

Our 100% cashmere wool originates from the Mongolian highlands, a unique territory offering this exceptionally fine and soft fiber. It is first hand spun and then woven by hand; an extraordina- ry encounter with the know-how of the Master Craftsman for an uncompromising result.

Plaid collection

The sweetness of cashmere is in the spotlight. Handspun, threads are meticulously woven by the craftsman on his traditional loom. Each step, from the choice of fibers to the finishes, is done meticulously for the best results.

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