Alpaga Écorce




Cushion, bed throw, plaid, seat, curtain

Usable width

Sold per meter width 150 cm (59”)


75% Alpaca 15% Wool 10% NY

Special remarks

30000 Martindale test - Colors can vary from each production


Dry cleaning

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Noble fiber
Unrivalled softness
Haute couture

About the fibre

With these creations, animal fibers make their grand debut in the CMO collections. We have chosen the most precious materials that exist, wherever they may be in the world and crafted by tribes with ancestral know-how:

Luxurious alpaca wool, harvested in the Peruvian highlands at an altitude of over 4,000 m

Exceptional cashmere, from Mongolia

Yak wool, one of the warmest and softest on the market, from the Nepalese highlands.

Unique wild silk, also from Nepal.


What if precious animal fibres were intermingled into the weaves ? Cashmere from Mongolia alpaca from the Peruvian highlands, yak from Nepalese glaciers and wild silk from Nepal join in the dance and offer the most sumptuous qualities. These are truly unparalleled artisans, legends of their craft, who wield the sublime transparency of cashmere, the unpre-cedented softness of wool or the incredible quality of sik.

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